Publication and Article Ids

Content API is an interface for Subscription Papers Content API v3. It contains data for all Schibsted Norway companies.

To distinguish the publication, it's required to use special path parameter, called publication.
Publication can be parametrized by perspective using convention pub:perpsective (example sport:ap)
Acronim Description
ap Aftenposten
snoc SNO Commercial
btj BT Junior
sport 100% Sport
by KrsBy and Byas
adr Addressa
rbnett RBNett
itr iTromso
smp Sunnmorsposten
vnytt Vestnytt
stri Strilen
lind Lindesnes
far Farsund
bnytt Bygdanytt
avavis Askoyveringen

An Accept header is not required. Although, Content-Type header is required for all HTTP methods except GET. Currently, the API accepts only application/json as a content type and always returns application/json.

UAID- unique article ID is convention to uniquely identiy artcile across all pubs.
It is string format with specified schema like {source}.{pub:perspective}.{id}
Term Description
source bench or escenic
pub:perspective code names of pubs, described above
id depends on source, it has own convention, in case of bench it is short id
UAID short - UAID can be provided in shorter version, just for bench system
In that case format with specified schema is {perspective}.{id}
Term Description
perspective code names of perspective
id bench short id


Accessing the CAPI requires an API key. To request one, simple contact with us. Once you have API key & secret, you have to decide about schema of communication, which you are going to implement. At the moment authentication is enabled for all HTTP methods. To be able to authenticate correctly, it's required to send two additional headers: x-snd-apikey and x-snd-apisignature.
More info how to generate siganture you can find on Github.

Our verificator , which checks signature.

Common Error Status Codes

HTTP Status Code Reason Solution
204 No data for collections your URL is correct, or you collection (result set) is empty
403 Check if your article is really published
Check if your signature was generated in a proper way
404 Wrong resource or id is missing Check if your URL or id is correct
405 Method Not Allowed Check if your URL is correct (especially if this is a resource or collection)
503 The request couldn't be serviced due to some failure within our stack. Try again later. An error occured on the system side, what should be fixed quickly


2 important rules
  • to get original image, dont pass ANY! param
  • if you decide to use params, sort them by alphabetic order: fit, h, q, tight, w
  • param name description allowed values optional
    fit fit crop | clip no
    h height 21:9 --- 2048|1440|1024
    16:9 --- 45|101|158|214|270|326|383|439|495|551|576|810|1152
    4:3 --- 360|585|640|735|768|1536
    4:3 portrait --- 2048
    3:2 --- 720|1020
    q quality 80 no
    tight optimize crop, more info on SMP side true | false yes
    w width (([0-9]|)80)|1024|1440|2048
    portrait --- 1536
    Example: http://{pub}{UUID}?fit=crop&q=80&w=1440

    Article - see v4ish model